Edsville - the DVDshapeimage_2_link_0

What happens when an innocent young couple

stumbles upon a town of Ed Sullivan Impersonators!

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A Really Big Production

Starring: Kathleen Laskey & Stuart Clow

Directed by Alan Marr

Produced by James O'Regan


Our heros, Paul and Paula, have a car breakdown. They'll get it fixed at the next town, Edsville (not on the map). Here, they run into a whole town of Ed Sullivan impersonators. When Paul shows signs of Edism, our heros flee town. Pulling in at Jimmy's Diner, they are not ready for the shocking reality of our surprise ending! 

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  1. A Wholly Self-Owned Production with 80 Contributor-Shareholders 

  2. A Limited Partnership with 20 Limited Partners 

  3. The First Production under ACTRA Local Production Initiative 

Marketing & Revenues

  1. First Short Film to Earn Direct Box Office Revenue 

  2. The Halifax Split: A Mandatory Extra Dollar Charge to See Edsville After Feature Film with Possibility of Dollar Refund if Customer Leaves before Viewing. 

  3. Gross Box of  $10,000 on four prints at 70 Canadian Playdates without advertsing budget.

  4. One Time Broadcast Licence to YLE Finland 

  5. CBC Broadcast Licence 

  6. Distribution Agreement with First Run Features, New York City 

  7. New York Premiere at the Film Forum

  8. 15% Recoupment to Date 

  9. First Airline Sale, Air Canada, 1998

Film Fests

  1. Theatrical Premiere at the Festival of Festivals, 1990 

  2. Atlantic Film Festival, 1990 

  3. Festival of New Canadian Cinema, Indianapolis, 1990 

  4. Goteborg Film Festival, Sweden, 1990 

  5. Festival Internacional de Cine de Comedia de Torremolinos, Spain, 1991

  6. Portland International Film Festival, 1991

  7. Tampere Short Film Festival, 1991

  8. 10th Santa Fe Film Expo, 1991 

  9. Cleveland International Film festival, 1991 

  10. Minneapolis Rivertown Festival, 1991 

  11. Canadian Film Celebration, Calgary, 1991 

  12. Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival, 1991 

  13. Sydney Film Festival, 1991 


  1. Jabega de Oro - Best Short Comedy - Torremolinos, 1991 

  2. Golden Sheaf Nomination - Best Short Live Action - Yorkton 1991

  3. Genie Award Nomination - Best Short, 1991 

  4. 14 share and 1.02 million viewers on CBC prime time premiere 

Festival Generated Sales

  1. Festival of Festivals: CBC Network Licence, Princess Theatre - Waterloo, Gorge Cinema - Elora

  2. Atlantic Film Festival: Wormwoods Cinema - Halifax, Sunday Cinema - Charlottetown 

  3. Tampere - YLE Finland Television Single Broadcast

Critical Notice

  1. "Director Alan Marr's wryly funny 14-minute short is a one-trick pony.
    But what a trick, what a horse! A short film is the tiny perfect way to
    tell this bizarre story." - Jam Movies

  2. "..perfectly paced and acted, right down to the facial twitch." Valerie Gregory - Edmonton Sun 

  3. "...overwhelming silliness..." "...a delight...insane...fun." Marc Horton - Edmonton Journal 

  4. "...the most anticipated flick at this year's filmfest [Festival of Festivals]..." George Anthony - Toronto Sun 

  5. "...the horror in Edsville is rare and refined..." Peter Gzowsksi - CBC Morningside 

  6. "..whimsical...nifty..." John Haslett Cuff - Globe & Mail 

  7. "One of the funniest shorts..." Sarah Evans - Now Magazine 

  8. "..long on craft and cleverness.." "..a whimsical delight.." Bruce Kirland - Toronto Sun 

  9. "..an hilarous Canadian short..." Michele Hall - CBC Halifax Arts & Entertainment 

  10. "..a crazy town..an ideal retreat from reality..wowed sellout crowds at Toronto's Festival of Festivals.,..very bizarre...very funny..." Mike Duffy - Sunday Edition

  11. See the New York Times Review

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