Letters of Endorsement



The following endorsements refer to James O'Regan's formation workshops.

Rev. Luc Tardif, o.m.i.

Saint-Paul University, Fall 2009

Our Lady of Lourdes

List of discussions generated, November 2008

Regis College Participants

November 2006

Rev. Margo Whittaker

September 2005

Msgr. Len Lunney

February 2005

Rev. Kevin Flynn

Anglican Studies, Spring 2005

Karen Bergenstein

June 2005

Rev. Pat Coulombe

March 2005

Mrs Mary Virjee

March 2005

Dr John Gibaut

Anglican Studies, Winter 2004



The following references pertain to James O'Regan's academic abilities.

Dr Meg Lavin

Prof Doug Campbell

John Nolan

Reviews and Endorsements for Kids Pray The Darndest Things: Effective Liturgy

Msgr James Moroney

& Rev. Caroline Fairless

Josef Lambert's

Review in Questions Liturgiques

Endorsements for Liturgical Performance: A Performance Model for Liturgy based on the Writings of Constantin Stanislavski

Dr Richard McCall, Prof. Peter Froelich & Dr David Stosur